At Glowgear we manufacture lights designed to take your night golf experience to a whole new level. Now you can SEE THE GREEN and tee box with or new target lights and Green Blasters. Never settle for glowsticks again. Invest in course lighting that will last for years.

night golf party lights


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the top rated performing night golf ball on the market
– Plays as long as your day ball –
– Won’t hurt clubs like LED balls –
– Recharges with UV flashlight –

night golf putting game

Cosmic Putting

Golf Course in a Box – Neon Puttings track. This is a one hole kit. Order yours today. We will ship direct to your home or place or work

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night golf lights

Course Lighting

Glow Gear Course Lighting Systems. Chose the system that works for you. Promoter Glow Course or UrbanGolf starter Course

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night golf glow balls

Night Golf Balls

Glow V2 out drives LED golf balls by a mile. Feels great. Its simply the best regulation golf ball on the market with solid glow.

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night golf course marker lights

Course Markers

Outdoor mobile Glow lighting is great for any upscale lighting need where you don’t have power.

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Night Golf Glow Chargers

Glow Chargers

Mark every tee box while you charge up your golf ball. Our UV charger kicks out the glow in 15 different shades providing a cool marker.

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Night Golf Target Lights

Target Lights

Play full course or short course. Our glow balls, marker and target lights and glow belts make it a brighter and safer experience for everyone

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night golf marker button

Event Production

and Course Rentals! We can help you produce a night golf event, neon fun run or large outdoor event requiring lighting.

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color blaster for night golf

UV/Color Blasters

Create the perfect mobile accent light for tee box, bunkers, green and party areas.Blue – Green – UV Backlight

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night golf flashlight charging

Glow Balls

Play the best glow in the dark night golf ball available. Our ball not only glows, it hits as long and true as your favorite tour quality ball

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